Merchant hosted transaction processing

Payment Express provides merchants with several interfaces for developing custom built payment solutions.

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) allow merchants to send transactions from a variety of platforms including but not limited to websites, billing software, vending machines, parking machines and batch processing.

Please note that some banks mandate that merchants use a Payment Express Hosted solution when developing websites.

There are several APIs that developers can use to communicate with Payment Express. These include:

Ecommerce NonHosted

  • PXPost -- XML posts directly from client application to Payment Express
  • Web Service -- Simple SOAP connection
  • PX Fusion -- Combination of a Web Service and a form POST directly to Payment Express

Developers may also use these Merchant hosted APIs in conjunction with the Payment Express Hosted APIs in order to utilize Visa and MasterCard's 3D secure security mechanism.

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XML posts directly from client application to Payment Express.

PxFusion is a product that allows merchants to accept credit card details within a form on their own web page. The form posts sensitive data directly to Payment Express Payment Express will process the transaction and cause the user's browser to return to the merchant website in a way that is totally transparent to the cardholder.

Simple SOAP connection.