Important Notice for Customers - Payment Cloud Improvements

Date WEDNESDAY, 25 MAY 2016

At Payment Express we strive to provide the best possible experience for all our customers. In the coming months there will be some changes to the delivery of our products and endpoints.


These upgrades will ensure that you as our customer and your end users will receive the best possible experience regardless of geographic location. Specifically, response times will improve and ability to respond to DDOS attacks will be further improved. Along with speed and efficiency, these changes will bring with it improved uptime of our services but best of all it is free to all existing customers. To make this a reality, Payment Express have been working hard in the background to extend our Payment Cloud. Some of the changes have already been implemented but before we enable these new features we require our customers to check they will be able to take full advantage of our Payment Cloud.

What you need to do:

The majority of customers will not need to make any changes as improvements will be seamlessly integrated into the existing systems, however it is very important you pass on this notice to your technical teams to check over and ensure you can take full advantage of the changes.

Deployment Dates:

We will deploy these changes in multiple stages with regions migrated on different dates.

Region Date
United States 6th August 2016 11pm-1am PDT
Canada 7th August 2016 2am-4am EDT
United Kingdom 8th August 2016 11pm-1am GMT
New Zealand 13th August 2016 11pm-1am NZST
Australia 15th August 2016 11pm-1am AEST
Malaysia 21st August 2016 7am-9am MYT
Singapore 21st August 2016 7am-9am SGT
Global 20th August 2016 11pm-1am GMT

Technical Information:

IP Ranges

With these changes to our existing Payment Cloud we will have the ability to direct your traffic to the closest point of presence globally. One of the methods used for this is by changing the IP provided when a DNS lookup is performed. If you do not restrict outbound traffic to specific endpoint IPs then there should be no changes required from your end. However, if you do have a requirement to restrict traffic to a trusted list of IPs then please allow the following IP ranges.,,,,,

IMPORTANT: If you restrict traffic and the IP ranges listed are not allowed, this could impact connectivity to us.

Although this list should not change often, if you do restrict outbound IPs please send an email to [email protected] with the subject of "Payment Express Cloud Notifications", include your company name and email address used for notifications so that we can inform you of any changes or additions to our IP ranges in future.

DNS Cache

Some applications may cache DNS for extended periods. We would advise for any applications which

connect to Payment Express endpoints that you confirm your applications DNS cache settings. As an example older Java versions will never refresh DNS entries and will only pickup DNS changes after the application is restarted. Other applications may ignore the TTL values entirely and set their own values. We recommend that you check your application DNS cache/TTL settings to ensure the application will honour the DNS TTL values provided.

For further information please download our infosheet here