SCRTupelo Installation Guide for Windows


The following refers to the components that you will have / require. Please ensure you have the necessary equipment before continuing on with this guide. If you are missing any of the following components, please let Payment Express know immediately.

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Please note that the iPP350 and iWL250 can be provided with a number of different cable types including serial. Some of these cables do come at an additional cost. Please talk to your sales consultant about your specific cable requirements.

Pre-Installation Checklist

Please ensure you have the following organised and ready:

• A PINpad and other necessary cables and components (as listed in this document)

• Payline username and password to access Payment Express online tools and services

• Merchant number and/or Terminal ID from your bank which is setup specifically for EFTPOS

• Receipt Printer if using IPP350, if using IWL250 the on-board printer can be used

• A stable broadband Internet connection

System Pre-requisites

As the software installs as a service, it will only run on NT platforms. Supported platforms are currently:

Windows XP Embedded, Windows Vista to Windows 10

• Recommended minimum RAM : 1GB

• Recommended minimum CPU: 2.4GHz single core

Firewall Settings

Before installing the Payment Express Software you will need to add the following addresses to your Firewall Exception List:

• (,,,,, – port 443

• (,,,,, – port 65

• – port 33876

• – port 33876

Once these have been added to the exception list you will need to test connectivity to our servers this can be achieved through a telnet to each of our servers using command prompt (CMD):



If you are having an issue with Telnet, please contact your IT team to resolve. The addresses currently associated with Eftpos may be subject to change in future.

Activating Payment Express

• Payment Express will need know your merchant and terminal ID numbers before your pin pad can be used in the production environment. It is also sometimes beneficial to know the name of your receipt printer (this can be found by going to printers and faxes in the Windows control panel) at least 24 hours before you plan on installing your PINpad.

• Open a web browser and navigate to

• On the bottom of the home page you should see a ‘Download Software’ link.

• For live terminal setup, click on the link SCR Tupelo Terminal Installer to download the installer. For dev terminal setup, click Dev SCR Tupelo Terminal Installer

• Connect the Pinpad and run the installer wizard (.exe) select “Install” when prompted.
Please note that the name of the installer should not be changed


• Please ensure you read the End User License Agreement (EULA) carefully. Once you have scrolled all the way to the bottom, the option to accept the Payment Express license terms will be presented.


• NB: This agreement must be accepted. If you have any questions regarding this then please contact your account manager or email:


• The installer will now start downloading and installing the proprietary pin pad driver.


• When installed the driver wizard will appear. Click “Next” to continue when prompted. Select next throughout the wizard using default settings and finalise the installation of the driver.



• Click Next


• Click Next





• The installer will now download the PxScrController application, configuration file and any required components for EFTPOS functionality and integration. Once completed the Payment Express SCR Tupelo solution should now be installed and ready to process EFTPOS transactions.



• To verify that your Eftpos is connected to our servers. Right click on the Payment Express icon that should appear in the taskbar area > select Status Details:


• The next step will cover activating the Pin Pad (RKI). Below RKI process is only applicable if your terminal is on Paymark key scheme; for Payment Express key scheme you just need to perform a logon.

Please see our SCRController guide for more information.

Remote Key Injection (RKI)

First time setup

If you are installing the SCR Tupelo from our website for the first time it will download the configuration and Pinpad prompt will change to “Please logon” (after a few seconds). You don’t have to follow below process if it says Please logon but in case if the Pinpad display prompt doesn’t change to “Please Logon” than please follow the instructions below

Pinpad Not displaying “PLEASE LOGON”

New terminals require a set of security keys that need to be loaded from Paymark. These security keys establish a connection between the PINpad and Paymark. To get the security keys you will need to initiate the remote key injection (RKI) process which can be completed from the Pinpad’s Menu.

This section covers the steps on how to complete an “RKI” to bind the security keys to the Paymark switch

• To start the RKI process you should see an idle screen similar to the below:

Select the Menu button on the PINpad. Choose the RKI INIT option in the Menu and Press “Enter” to select:


• You will be prompted to enter a password – Enter ‘6987’


• The “RKI INIT” prompt will be displayed followed by a “PROCESSING NOW” prompt



• It will then display “PLEASE LOGON” on the PINpad.


• Now phone Payment Express technical support to complete the RKI process and activate the PINpad.

Verifying the Installation

To verify all is setup up correctly, please open the Payment Express EFTPOS client by double clicking on the Payment Express red circle in the system tray (bottom right hand corner). You should see a green indicator – this identifies that the solution is in a state to start processing transactions.


• Click on the button labelled “Maint” and then click on the button labelled “Logon”.


• If a receipt is printed out of your printer saying “Approved”, then your EFTPOS is installed and ready to be integrated with your POS application.

• If you get a receipt print out saying “Transmission Error”, contact Payment Express support.

• Please follow your POS supplier’s instructions to integrate the POS application with Payment Express. Please contact your Payment Express Representative or the Payment Express Support team to acquire the installation files required to install the Payment Express solution with the PxScrController