Risk Management

Reduce costs. Improve business.

Keep yourself and your customers safe using Payment Express Risk Management. By proactively handling potential fraud cases, you can cut down on charge backs and be more confident shipping your products.

Learn more about your customers with real-time notifications.

Receive up to date information on how your customers are paying for your product. Receive optional email alerts or SMS messages when rules are broken and you won’t have to worry about being out of the loop.


White and black lists allow you to handle cards with authority. If you know that a specific card is bad, you can make sure transactions are declined before they even go to the bank. Conversely, if you know a card is safe and you have rules in place blocking similar cards, the white list will allow that card past.

Blanket rules.

Block transactions based on any of the Payment Express Blanket Rules:
1. Country IP addresses
2. Card issuing country
3. BIN range

Rules that work for you.

Every rule is custom to your unique requirements. Using transaction metadata, you can block suspicious transactions over certain periods, higher than a specific amount, or exceeding a given velocity. Decline transactions outright or flag them for further analysis.

Risk scoring.

One broken rule might not be enough to justify declining a transaction; however, two broken rules might be. Associate a level of risk to each transaction using the risk score profiles; depending on how many rules are broken, you can set the rule to decline when you decide the risk is too high.

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To see how Payment Express Risk Management can help your business, please feel free to contact our sales team or review our Risk Management documentation.