IVR - Telepay

Paying bills by credit card using a touch-phone is now an accepted and trusted system. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is regularly used by councils, banks and retail businesses for the payment of utilities, fees, licenses, fines, subscriptions and orders, and can help to cut your overheads down.

Telepay is a Payment Express fully automated IVR payment system, which captures the card data and deposits the funds into the merchants' bank account. Telepay is PCI DSS certified and can be configured to specific business model requirements, with customised call scripts, functions and prompts.

IVR Gateway

Key Features

Easy to use dial a single phone number and process your payment
Fully compliant with PCI DSS
Customise your own voice prompts and call scripts to fit in with your organisation
Real-time notification response of each and every transaction
Alert notification via email/text for any downtime
Available to customers 24 hours a day seven days a week
Ability to process multiple calls per line
Payment processing can be setup to be accessed by your staff for internal use or by your customers
Run different call scripts based on caller ID information