Secure payment processing in unattended environments.

From vending machines to carparks and everywhere in between, Payment Express provides a range of unattended payment solutions to fit your business model.

Mix and match our unattended payment solutions to build an integration that is right for you. Individual card readers, key pads, contactless card readers, and vending machine specific devices are available depending on your business needs.

The Secure Card Reader bundle allows your customers to pay anywhere and at any time without the assistance of kiosk staff. Using the SCR bundle, you can accept multiple card types, process contactless payments, and ensure cardholder data is safe. Water proof, dust proof and tamper resistant, the SCR bundle is both reliable and durable while still being user friendly and easy to operate.

With over 30,000 unattended payment devices worldwide, Payment Express is the global leader in unattended cashless payments. Payment Express unattended terminals are PA DSS v2.0 compliant and use DUKPT key management; this means that from card swipe to payment validation, you can be sure that your customer’s card data is secure.

SKP SCR combo

The SCR200E is an EMV compliant unattended payment terminal. Your customers will be able make payments via the magnetic stripe or the ICC chip on their card in a secure and fully encrypted environment.

The SCR200E works as a standalone device or in conjunction with the SKP200E Secure Key Pad and BRF contactless antenna.


The SKP200E is our solution for processing PIN entry and accompanies the SCR200E devices. With backlit keys and LCD screen, the SKP200E affords your customers a comfortable and user-friendly payment experience.



This contactless antenna fits right in alongside the SKP200E and SCR200E. A preferred payment option for many cardholders, tap and go is secure and convenient.

With an LCD display, ICC chip and magnetic stripe reader, and contactless capabilities, the SCR200E VM variant is perfect for your vending needs.


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