Modular Unattended Payment System

Our EMV compliant modular design caters for customers who want a credit card only solution or full Chip and PIN unattended payment terminal. The SCR200 Secure Card Reader can work as a stand-alone product or combine with SKP200 Key Pad and Display and or BRF210 Contactless Antenna, to provide an unbeatable unattended solution for Chip and PIN environments.

The SCR200 combined with the SKP200 is an EMV compliant unattended payment solution that complies with all relevant card industry standards:

  • EMV Level 1 & 2
  • PCI 3.1 SRED (Secure Reading and Exchange of Data) - SCR200 only
  • PCI PTS 3.x
  • PA DSSv2.0


Card Reader

Combined magnetic stripe card and ICC (chip card) reader
Contactless capable (when combined with BRF210)
End-end encryption of all data
Employs industry leading 3DES encryption with tamper detection
32-bit ARM7 crypto-processor
2 SAM interfaces
4 RS232 serial ports
Size - 100.2mm (w) x 71.2mm (h) x 140.2mm (l)
Rear mount metal bezel


Backlit plastic keys
LCD display 128 x 64 pixel
32-bit ARM7 crypto-processor
16-Bit RISC 8MHz security grid monitor
1 RS232 serial port
Cancel button
Rear mount metal bezel
Size - 92mm (w) x 139mm (h) x 31.7mm (d)
Contactless capable (when combined with BRF210)

Supported Card Types

Magnetic Stripe / Non-ICC readable card
EMV/Chip Card
Contactless Card (non-stored value)
Stored Value Card
RFID Tags (e.g. building access card)

Supported Card Types

Authorise (AUTH)
Complete (COMP)
Void (VOID)
Stored Value Purchase (SVP)
Stored Value Refund (SVR)

Payment Manager

Payment Manager is an on demand web-based platform to manage unattended device fleets & transactions in real-time, via the Internet. It comes standard with any Payment Express unattended services and is loaded with features, including:

Proactive Alerts

Set up priority contacts
groups and escalation path
Receive automated emails if fleet is not performing as expected
Set up multiple rules to best suit business requirements
Automated alerts if fleet is offline


Have real time status for entire fleet
Web-based tools to integrate device and receive detailed data
Set up rules based on specific events to alert appropriate staff or 3rd parties
Log when the cash bag is cleared
Know when the printer is jammed paper has run out or battery is low

Reconciliation Reports

Reconcile cash and cashless transactions to the cent
Receive reports in CSV XML or PDF formats
Access via the Internet sFTP or web services
Set up reports to be emailed daily to finance staff
Dynamic rate change
Pay by plate management platform
Automated firmware downloads
Process SMS based transactions (where market supports)
Seamlessly connect to your preferred bank
Tamper detection and reactivation if device is removed
Integrated Infringements

Fleet Management

Dynamic tariff management
Pay by plate validation platform
Infringement payment platform