Wireless Payment Processing

Payment Express provides users with the ability to process transactions wirelessly via a secure, private GPRS network (available in Australia and New Zealand only).

The Payment Express GPRS system processes transactions securely from a wide variety of applications and platforms and can be used for both card holder not present and EFTPOS.

Any GPRS capable device, with a Payment Express provisioned SIM card can process transactions, securely and in real time with our Integrated EFTPOS Solution. We use and recommend the Telit EZ-10.

This communication channel, coupled with the use of the secure payment features, make this the ideal solution for businesses wanting either a primary connection for wireless applications i.e. (Parking and Vending machines, EFTPOS, or unattended devices) or a redundant internet service to the Payment Express transaction host.


Key Features

Securely process payments from remote locations
Ability for merchants to benefit from a more competitive merchant service fee in processing 'real-time'
Variety of uses and applications