Australian Merchant Activation Guide

Each of the banks have different requirements and standards. Please refer to the table below to view the requirements that are specific to the bank you acquire through.

Bank Requirements

ANZ Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bank of Queensland Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bank of South Australia Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
First Data Merchant Solutions Australia Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bendigo Yes Yes
Citibank Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Commonwealth Bank Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
National Australia Bank Yes* Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
St George Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Westpac Australia Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
American Express Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Diners Yes Yes Yes Yes
*EB number needed for merchant activation

Bank Requirements

Commonwealth Bank Merchants

If you acquire through the Commonwealth bank, it may be helpful to make known to your banking representative that you are looking for a 'Commlink Merchant Facility' connected through Payment Express.

The information listed above relates to the specifications Payment Express uses to configure our payment host, to your merchant account, for real time credit card authorisation.

Please contact your banks' help desk on the numbers provided below to receive this information (if you are already set up for 'Card Not Present' processing). Alternatively, you may need to apply for a facility to process ecommerce transactions. Please speak with your banking representative about this.


Merchant ID This is an electronic merchant number generated by the bank specifically for your business to be able to transact online. The ANZ Australia may also refer to this field as an 'EPOS Number'
Terminal ID This is a number associated with the 'Merchant ID'. A merchant can have one or many Terminal ID's
Card Acceptor Name This is the name that appears on the card holders' statement. This field must have no more than 25 characters.
Card Acceptor Location This is the physical location of business operation. This is usually the town or city of your business.
Merchant Category Code Your bank will assign you with a merchant category code based on your business type
CNP Card not present transactions
EFT EFTPOS transactions
UNT Unattended and vending transactions

Requirements for Accepting American Express and JCB

For processing of American Express and JCB cards, Payment Express customers are required to obtain an American Express "merchant number" and "terminal ID" exclusively for Payment Express use.

If you are an existing American Express merchant call American Express directly on 1300 363 614 option 3 and ensure your current merchant number is exclusively in use with Payment Express. If not please request an additional merchant number exclusively for Payment Express use. Please also request that American Express issue a terminal ID for the Merchant number to be used in Payment Express processing. The 'terminal ID' provided by American Express will take 1-2 business days to be loaded by American Express.

If you are not currently an American Express merchant call American Express directly on 1300 363 614 option 4 and discuss becoming an American Express merchant, requesting a "merchant number" and "terminal ID" for Payment Express use.

Payment Express can load this merchant number as soon as you give us the terminal ID and at that stage we can tell you if it is active yet or not. If the terminal ID is not active when Payment Express load it you will need to follow up with American Express Directly on 1300 363 614 option 3 to confirm if/when your terminal ID is operational.

Requirements for Accepting Diners Club

To be able to process Diners, please contact Diners directly on 1300 360 060 or+61 3 9805 4410

3D Secure Authentication

Currently, all users of Payment Express hosted solution PxPay 2.0 can use a MPI (merchant plug-in) developed by Payment Express for 3D secure authentication at no additional cost. To enable this functionality, you will need to enrol with your bank. At present, only Westpac Australia is able to process enrolments for merchants wanting to participate in 3D secure. All new Westpac merchants will require the facility.

Once you have enrolled, you (the merchant) will be provided with a 'Visa Merchant Password'. You will need to provide this to Payment Express prior to activation, along with the website activation checklist

Preauthorisation / Completion (Tipping)

Preauthorisation / completion is a two stage transactional process which involves validating a credit card in its first phase before completing the transaction. To facilitate this type of transaction, preauthorisation / completion or tipping as it is sometimes known as must be enabled at your bank.

If you would like this feature enabled, please advise Payment Express at time of activation.

Extended Booking Info / CPC (Corporate Purchase Cards)

Extended booking info allows you to send 2nd and 3rd level transaction data to Payment Express which will be displayed on the card holder's statement. At present this is only available through American Express. If you wish to have this facility please inform American Express and Payment Express at time of application.

Acquirer Contact Information

The contact numbers listed below are to be used as a guide to contacting the merchant services departments of each of the acquirers that Payment Express has connectivity to in New Zealand. If you already have a banking representative for your business, please contact them directly.

ANZ 1300 366 988
Bank of Queensland 1300 557 272
Bank of Melbourne 1300 603 266
Bank of South Australia 1300 130 190
First Data Merchant Solutions Australia 1800 655 204
Bendigo 1 300 236 344
Citibank 13 24 84
Commonwealth Bank 1800 730 554
National Australia Bank 1 300 369 852
St George 1300 650 977
Westpac Australia 1800 029 749
American Express 1300 363 614
Diners 1300 360 060 or +61 3 9805 4410