3D Secure

As part of Payment Express' continuing efforts to promote best practice solutions, our Hosted Payment Solution PxPay 2.0, and Px Fusion allows merchants to participate in the Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode schemes at no additional cost.

These latest schemes allow merchants to enjoy:

3D Secure

  • Fraud reduction
  • Reduced liability
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Increase sales and marketing opportunities

3D Secure

These schemes allow merchants' to prove to their potential customers that they are serious about protecting the identity and integrity of their customers' sensitive card details. In doing so, the merchant can potentially increase sales generated through their web services, by converting 'window-shoppers' to 'shoppers'.

These schemes require the card holder to enter a password (only if the card holder is enrolled) as an additional step to entering their credit card number and expiry date that is verified by the issuing bank. Once the issuing bank has verified the password, the user is then redirected back to the merchant's web site.

Payment Express have implemented a MPI (Merchant Plug-In) that securely allows for these schemes to be implemented with no development cost or hassle to the merchant whatsoever.

The MPI is compliant with the latest 3D secure technology and Visa estimates that with these new security mechanisms in place, merchants will experience an increase in sales generated and lower operational costs - having to deal with fewer charge backs.

If you have any questions on how Payment Express can help secure your ecommerce website and assist with providing you with top of the range, best practice solutions, please contact our sales team either via email [email protected] or by phone +64 9 309 4693. We have dedicated specialists that can help assist in every aspect to provide the most cost effective, complete solution to meet your business' requirements.